The Millinery

Here you’ll find a collection of fics by Eccentric Hat, all of which are also available at the Archive of Our Own, but collected here for safekeeping. This list is organized by media type. You can click here to skip to one: books, podcasts, TV shows, other media.

If you would like to contact me, I have the same username across all the platforms that I use in a fannish capacity: eccentric_hat on Dreamwidth and AO3, eccentric.hat on Gmail and Discord.


Elemental Logic

this country of original fire. Emil/Medric drabble: they’re parallel lines.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Finer Points of Enchanted Sword Logistics. Morwen/Telemain: In which a witch and a magician consider alternate methods for saving the king of the Enchanted Forest.

Out of Touch. Cimorene/Mendenbar: a moment in the castle, after the adventure’s been settled. Quadruple drabble.

The Exeter Book: The Wanderer and The Wife’s Lament

Hrimforst. On a cold night, at a small house, in an oak grove, two people meet who are far from home.

Gentlemen of the Road

On the relative importance of hats, horses, and trust among new partners in criminal enterprise. Zelikman has a bad habit of becoming attached to things that can be killed, lost, or stolen.

Imperial Radch

Drunk History: Birth of the Imperial Radch. Recently, Lieutenant Tisarwat drank a bottle and a half of arrack and decided to talk about a historical event. This is the result.

Jeeves & Wooster

Service. A pair of drabbles about Jeeves, Bertie, and how they spend their time. (This was my very first fic.)

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

City of Salt and Time. Post-canon gen fic about the title characters of the novel, set in and around Venice.

The Consolations of Arabella Strange. Post-canon epistolary fic: Arabella travels, writes letters, and finds her way forward. (A story particularly close to my heart, as it took me almost thirteen years to write.)

That Arbitrary Decisions are Preferred to Rational Ones. Companion fic to “Consolations”: a pastiche of the essays of Montaigne.

Ocean’s Echo

or hesitate to love. Tennal, Surit, and parents: a single-double-triple drabble sequence.


Unfathomable. Natural processes, as I seem to remember knowing, are generally irreversible.

Wayward Children

sheltered from the grasping winds. A few students stay at Eleanor’s school during the winter holidays. Friendships are formed, or they aren’t; homesickness strikes, or it doesn’t; stories have power, but not always the right kind.

A Winter’s Tale

Reward. Before, during, and after canon: Peter Lake is thinking about the past.

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The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

Spicy Bell Pepper with Thyme. Sometime after the first hunt of the series, the Pine Guard tries to take a day off. It’s a mixed success.

Friends at the Table: Fall of Magic

a novelty, a choice. After the world is remade, there’s a lot to find out.

Greater Boston

a small live letter that says only Stay. Leon & Michael. It’s important to give advice in the correct way.

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TV Shows

Dimension 20

Who Could Ask For Anything More? Josefina Gatsy/Misty Moore. An immortal diva starts over; someone new is called to speak for the Dreaming; and in Nod it’s hard to tell the difference between imagination and desire.

Ghosts (BBC)

Feeling comes in aid of feeling. Thomas/Kitty: Thomas may be a little oblivious to troubles that are not his own, but long acquaintance provides occasions to offer comfort.

where you tend a rose a thistle cannot grow. Alison & Kitty in one of the disused rooms of Button House.


Household Maintenance. Sherlock & John gen. Sherlock knows that John needs to call his sister. He doesn’t necessarily understand why.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Soloist. There are a lot of reasons why a child might not have a soulmark. It might be a simple issue of irregular skin pigmentation, or the mark might arrive late. Or the child might have another kind of soulmate. Usually these things work themselves out. In the meantime, for Minako at least, there’s ballet. (This is one of my personal favorites.)

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Other Media

Dungeons & Dragons

Never Through Me Shall You Be Overcome. An epilogue to an unfinished D&D campaign, in which I sent my dragonborn cleric character home to figure out what to do with his life and how to relate to his family.

Fahrrad fahr’n - Max Raabe (Music Video)

Never Mind the Weasels. Fic for a delightful music video about animals on bikes: Berlin has a lot more cyclists than it used to.

This Speech Was Written For President Nixon To Deliver If The Astronauts Didn’t Make It To The Moon (Clickhole)

Amazing! This Secret Meeting Between President Nixon and the Apollo 11 Astronauts Was Almost Lost to History. There’s not much more I can say in a summary that will add to the title.

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